Freelancer Web Template now available!

Freelancer Web Template

The fall is coming and its gonna be rainy and cold. The perfect time to start a new web design project.
It’s me sitting on my chair and thinking about what I can do next. After a little time and a cup of hot Darjeeling tea, the idea arrived. The next project is gonna be a web template for freelancers. 

The idea behind this web template is that whether you are a student looking to showcase your work, a professional looking to attract clients, or a graphic artist to share your projects. It should be a perfect starting point for your web presence. It is designed with bootstrap and made with love. It includes the complete source files including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as optional stylesheets for easy customization.

The thing with the layout and design

First, let’s start with the colour schema.

I went on and played randomly with the colour dots. 
As result, I got two colours which match nicely together.

You know me and if you do not know me you gonna learn something about me right now.
I love material and minimalistic web as application design. It is so smooth and awesome to look at it that the content is gonna be irrelevant because the design catches you.

Long story short… I used a flavour of minimalistic design in this web template.

Did I tell you that portfolios rock? Anyway, I have to show you something…

Portfolios are a great means to showcase your projects or even things you have done in your life.
So portfolios are really important and you have to show them with awesomeness.
That’s why I implemented that in this template and look how.

And by clicking on a picture it pops up a window with more information about the project.

Now it is your turn

Let me know what do you think about this template or how I can improve it.
I appreciate every opinion, idea or hint. Leave a reply on this post, contact me or open an issue on the GitHub project.

Have fun and hope I could help you out!